Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Life Definitions

Passion - Find the things in your life that make you giddy. That make you a child again in your absolute joy in taking part in them.

Love - To have something or someone that it causes you to ache when parted and extreme joy when together.

Tranquility - A complete peace in both physical and emotion states.

Charity - To give of yourself with no thought of return.

Happiness - Something that lightens your spirit.

Hope - To know, even in darkest of hours, that times will be better. That possibilities abound.

Friendship - To have someone you love. Someone who understands. Someone who cares and who you care about beyond words.

Compassion - To feel emotion and pain for sorrows and trials that are not yours, to pick up others when they have fallen.

Would it not be good to define your life in such terms?


  1. Hmm... maybe I will print this also..I printed the one about having a good attitude..taking things as they come etc..Thank you.
    Happy holidays.

  2. Boy have I been bad about commenting. Sorry about that.

    I wrote this on the fly as it was passing through my mind, but it seems to be a good thing to remember.

    Thank you.