Sunday, November 7, 2010


Strength is endurance. Now, I know there is the whole physical strength thing and that is fine, but, to me, emotional and mental strength is much greater.

Physically we have things thrust upon us each day, having to carry things, walk places, lift heavy items etc. but for most of us our true limitations of physical strength are never reached. We are rarely put into a situation where we have to lift 400lbs by ourselves, so the ability to do so is rather moot.

Emotions and mental challenges come and go like the wind. Through our days we have to deal with people, problems, stress, and all the other tasks we need to accomplish to get us through our day. These things keep piling up and piling up on us. We can pick away at them and if we are lucky they never amount to anything we can not handle. The problem is that at any given moment something may happen to bring our emotional or mental strength to its limits. Everything from the car not starting when you have that all important job interview to someone you love being hurt can tear a person down. Our mental strength is all that we have to get us through such times. It can beat us down to the point of tears but we can keep plugging through, we have to.

There are things that can be too much for anyone to handle. It is at these moments when our world is crashing down that only the strongest make it through with minimal scars. The strongest bear it all because they understand one very important thing... pride and ego are a luxury that not all of us can afford. They are able to lay pride down and ask for help. It is not easy to do, I am very guilty of avoiding such things and it has gotten me into trouble in the past. To be able to ask for help from someone, whether it be a loved one or a total stranger is important. True strength is shown in the ability to endure the hardship of admitting you cannot do it alone.

"Through endurance we conquer." - Ernest Shackleton's family motto.


  1. Joshy, this is profound. (Especially given the hour at which it was written.) I love when you share your pearls of wisdom, friend.

  2. and written from my couch.

    lack of sleep doesn't keep you from brilliance.

  3. A great many things have been written from that spot, some published some not. It seems to work for me, no matter what the hour.