Friday, October 22, 2010


Anger is a true emotion. It is a healthy emotion, as most are. It is in the expression of that anger that problems begin. To say or do things out of anger can lead us to places we do not wish to go, we may lower ourselves to a point where we trade our anger at others for disappointment in ourselves. Sometimes it is best to ignore those who have done something to anger us. Those that have done us wrong have hurt us, but by letting it go we show that we are the stronger of the two.

Letting things go is something I am working on, and will probably have to continue to work on in the future. I am getting better at it but it is an ongoing process.

To put more negativity into the world will do no one any good. Creating an atmosphere of tension or anger keeps it on you, you have to live in the world you create, it can be positive or negative based on your reactions. It is good to express anger, but it must be done in a way that is healthy to you. The person who stimulates the anger is the focus, but any reaction is yours to live with. To be angry with someone for a time and to express it can help, but only in its ability for us to be done with the problem. We express our anger in a good way and we can move on, express it in a bad way and the atmosphere will be permeated with tension. As Marcus Aurelius says in The Meditations "What injures the hive injures the bee."

We have a choice in our reactions. We do not HAVE to respond in any certain way. The strongest of us choose a path of integrity.