Thursday, October 14, 2010


Plan everything. Each day is set and all the events and things that need to be done are mapped out ready to go. If things are planned then things will run smoothly and everything will work our perfectly... except they don’t!

I was a planner. Every time I went to do something I had a clear picture in my head of everything I would do and how it all would go. The problem with thinking like that is things do not go as planned. I was constantly being disappointed. No matter how much planning unforeseen events always can occur. People do not always react the way you think they will, events do not always go as scheduled, and nature does have a way of interfering and you know what... that is ok. It is.

Imagine never having a surprise. Never having that unknown feeling in your gut about what is going to happen next, never having an adventure. Sad.

I am a fan of information. Knowing is better than not knowing when it comes to things like not feeling well, why my car won't start, and other such things. But always knowing what is going to happen and how things are going to pan out makes for quite a boring time.

As Lauren Bacall said in an interview "The planned life is a dead one."

I have learned in the past few years to embrace a sense of adventure in not planning. I find myself in situations where I would not have been had my days continued to be planned, and my life has been better for it. It makes me cringe to think about the things I would have been missing. There have been downs to go along with the ups, but the adventures continue to be worth it all.

The bottom line is we do not always know how things will work out and so to try and plan them all is pointless. Instead why not just enjoy where the little steps in life take us?


  1. Thought perhaps you would. Thank you.

  2. Sometimes I think all night of how something will go the next day..and it doesn't!
    My intuition on the other remarkable..Is that bragging? I hope not..I just know I am intuitive.