Thursday, October 14, 2010


In True at First Light Ernest Hemingway says "...we had come to the point where we both regretted things we had not done rather than those we had..." How true that statement is.

It is not that we should try everything that comes along regardless of consequences, but rather we should determine if those consequences are indeed that dire or important. Embarrassment? Possible injury? Objections from others? At what point do these things matter and at what point do we ignore them for the opportunity at something great?

The fear of rejection at telling someone "I love you" may be strong enough to seal our lips, but should it? What is in that rejection that causes us to lose out on an opportunity for the greatest thing in the world? It is a chance, failure may be in the cards, but it is worth the risk. Imagine spending the rest of your life wondering "what if". A rejection for a moment, or a lifetime of questions. Regret is the hardest of all things to live with.

I vaguely remember my past mistakes and kiss offs. They are there, but mostly forgotten and unimportant. My regrets on the other hand haunt me in my dreams. To think of what could have been had I only had a moment of courage. To speak my mind without compromise could have been the greatest thing. Instead I am destined to repeat the silence of my tongue nightly as I try and sleep.

Think about it.

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